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Talk to our legal experts to set up and develop all types of business and organizations, acquire licenses and solve related legal problems. We Law Thinkers are here to help you with :

Any kinds of business, organization, NGO, Society and other institutions setup. We provide robust, cost-effective advice for most areas of business, corporate & commercial endeavour, including, Registration of Company, Partnership, Proprietorship, Society, NGO etc., acquire Licenses, Drafting Contracts and Agreements, Litigation & dispute resolution, Intellectual Property Rights i.e.Trademark, Copyright, Patent Registration & Protection, Employment & labour law, Franchising etc.

Income Tax Solutions, individual tax, company tax, Firm tax, tax planning, Estate and gift tax, Property tax, Tax Audits, Corporate Tax, Cross Border Transaction and Double tax, tax for non-resident Bangladeshis, Tax for foreigners, VAT registration, Customs, Litigation and others
We provide services and advice on buying and selling property, land, flat etc. and help for registration, RAJUK Permission, searching deeds, mutation, land revenue payment clearance, drafting deeds, contracts, agreements, litigation and mediation.